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Marigold, a beloved member of my family for twenty years, died peacefully at home on April 19th. Her personality was as flamboyant as her looks and one of the last amazing things she did was to demonstrate just how much more cluey about the true nature of other beings our four-legged friends can be than we humans.. This has been demonstrated to me many times over the years yet I still tend to think that my intellectual assessment knows best. Marigold demonstrated just how good animals are at this business of seeing beyond the exterior of other living beings and right inside them.

I recently adopted a ten year old dog; most things were known about him but one very important facet of his character was not. How he behaved around cats. As I have cats as part of my family this was crucial. So he came to me initially on a fortnight's trial. Marigold, familiar to those of you who have read YOUR TALKING PET and THE POWER OF THE CAT, her photo appears in both, at twenty years old and only a few weeks before her death, showed me once again how much we can learn from animals. All her life she has lived with dogs so could be said to be an expert. As the car drew up and my new canine friend stepped out, Marigold who was in one of her favourite snoozing places on the verandah, jumped up and raced to greet him, standing on her hind legs to rub against his chest. I was aghast and convinced that at any moment I would see the demise of my dear old friend as I learned that he was not good with cats!

Gus has now been with me much longer than his initial trial period, the cats love him and he loves the cats. I could have listened to Marigold and said I would have him the moment he stepped out of the car.

I have thought of this often and wondered how Marigold knew that this large ferocious looking dog was in fact the kindest most loving creature while he was inside a car coming up my drive. Family members often visit with their dogs and although she treats them courteously never with such spontaneous enthusiasm. It was as if she not only knew what he was like but felt it was her place, as the oldest four legged member of the family, to make him welcome.

After living with Gus a while I now know what she knew when he arrived, He is a very kind dog with excellent manners.

Marigold was laid to rest in my flower garden with a rosemary bush for remembrance over her grave.


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ingrid said...
Rest in pease, Marigold. You made your family so fulfilled and where ever you are now know that another little calico cat has been named in your memory at the Haven. You will never be gone for as long as you are remembered and you will always be by your family and friends.
April 25, 2011 5:47 AM
pisceaneye said...
Sorry to hear about Marigold, Ann. I am sure she will be waiting for you in the world of Spirit.
April 24, 2011 10:49 PM
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