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I have just finished reading a wonderful book which I believe may have a great impact on how the world in general looks on those others who share our planet. Too long we have been influenced by the thinking of people like Descartes who said animals were mere automatons without feeling and Pavlov with his famous conditioning experiment on dogs. How and why did they have so much influence? Because they were men of education and science.

For generations far more people have been saying the opposite; that other living creatures were no different from us. They had feelings, intelligence, emotions. For the most part these writers were not taken seriously, other than by those who knew they were right because they too had first hand experience of other beings who were capable of feeling love, often to a depth that put us to shame.

Those of us who wrote about meaningful communication with between humans and other species were put in the same box as those who claimed to have spoken to, or been abducted by, aliens from another planet.

Stacey O’Brien in her wonderful book WESLEY THE OWL has changed that with her account of her 19 year relationship with a Barn Owl she adopted at a few days old and lived in a close relationship until his death because she is a trained biologist

Stacey believes that we are on the cusp of a new understanding of animal communication and the depth of their emotions and that in decades to come we will see this time as one in which we emerged from the dark ages of misunderstanding. She cites Jane Goodall as one of the leaders in this new enlightenment who in her work with Chimps showed them to be thinking, feeling individual personalities.

As more and more people accept that animals are, indeed, just like us so there is a groundswell of movement among thinking and caring people that “Shelters” for homeless animals that kill so many inmates cannot be right or ethical nor worthy of the name shelter.

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Christina said...
Hi Jen and Ann, I agree. Also I believe there needs to come a time when ALL animals are honoured for their sentience: snakes, sheep, fish, pigs, etc. When this happens it will be a great leap in the consciousness of humankind. Thanks for the blog Ann. I enjoy your books!
January 25, 2010 8:37 PM
Jenny said...
Too true Ann, Animals are just as feeling (if not more sometimes) as the human animal. I have had a few cats (and Rabbits) in my life and they always knew when I needed comforting. They also knew when I was trying to help them. In times when they may have scratched and bit to get away, they just lay quietly, whilst I tended to their hurts. The faster that the Human animal realises that every other creature is just like them, the sooner this world will become a better place to live for all. Jen
January 6, 2010 12:08 PM
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