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I have to admit that I had not thought very much about this until my wonderful Mr. Mistoffelees told me that he knew he was to be killed and I later found out that he was absolutely correct. It was the realization that this sensitive and intelligent cat knew this (as no doubt do all the other inmates of such places) that pushed me into writing THE POWER OF THE CAT. Stoffy’s ‘crime’ was that he had reached the age of 5 months without anyone offering him a home. He has changed my thinking completely. I am now totally opposed to the idea that killing is the way to deal with surplus (to our mind) dogs and cats. Where ‘No Kill’ policies have been introduced the result has been a reduction in the number of strays not an explosion in numbers.

We can all do our bit, speak up against this wholesale murder of sensitive sentient beings, do not buy puppies or kittens in pet shops or off the Internet, Consider opening your home to a mature or even elderly dog or cat (or other animal in need) and above all follow Stacey O’Brien’s example and accept that it is a commitment for the life of that animal.


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Ann replying to Jenny. said...
I do say in my books how to communicate with animals but not specifically, as in a chapter on DO THIS. Sometimes it helps to actually verbalise, others simply go into the silence, hold your animal in your mind's eyes and heart and you will find words, whole sentences, in your mind. Often this happens quite spontaneously when you are just relaxing quietly together. Some animals are much more loquacious communicators than others (like people!) The big problem is BELIEVING that what you hear comes from the animal and not your own intellect. I know this is a genuine message when what I hear is quite unexpected, uses words or expressions I would not normally use or tells me something I do not know but later gets verified. I have a tape (CD)on my web site of a meditation to help you get into the conciousness of another being. Congratulations on a 19 year old. My oldest cat is 18 and my oldst dog 15. Incidentally 'hearing' animals is something we are born with but tend to lose. Small children often say 'Tibby says such and such ...' We smile fondly but don't really believe it but the child is usually quite accurate! I will let Stoffy have the last word. I asked him the other day why he was so fond of my daughter, The answer zapped quickly back. 'She listens.' and that really is the secret.
January 6, 2010 4:53 PM
Jenny said...
Quite a few places now are addressing that problem. There are a lot more places that you can take your Pets with you.(Mainly dogs) Ann, can I ask how you spoke to your Mister Mistofelees? Most times instinctively, I know what my furkids want, but there are sometimes when the messages get a bit miscommunicated!! Is the way to do it in one of your Books. I would love to talk to my oldest boy who is reaching 19 at the moment. He's virtually blind, but is still in reasonably good health. I would love to ask him how he feels and if I can do anything to help him. As stubborn as he is, he'd probably reply "I'm right, don't worry!!" Jen
January 6, 2010 12:17 PM
Ann said...
Thanks for the information Vera. I was shocked when we came to Australia at all the places dogs could NOT go!!
January 5, 2010 3:46 PM
Vera said...
Thanks for the Jan Blog. Yes, in Germany, animals are not put down as readily as here. The "Tierheims" (animal homes) hang on to their animals forever, if possible, and use a lot of volunteers to walk them, etc. Also, heaps of people donate to them. There were, when we were living there, lots of shows where dogs, cats, horses, birds, etc. were shown to try and get people to take them in. In all fairness, too, there also seemed less strays and unwanted babies. Sterilising and neutering were quite acceptable as a lot of people lived in apartments. This is a country where you take your animals in trains, buses, and into hotels and restaurants. France and Holland, and Denmark do the same. Many people got involved in trying to save the strays in Spain, Italy and Eastern European countries, as there, life was not that kind to the homeless animals. A lot of rich people and celebrities openly fund causes and set up "orphanages" and promote through the media. Note of course, Brigitte Bardot. If you are seen to be an animal lover, it looks good on their profiles, and the gossip mags are always full of pictures with them and their pets. Vera
January 5, 2010 3:43 PM
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