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When I bought a little black and white pony mare with a foal at foot Honey and Magpie became inseparable friends. Each afternoon Magpie would leave her foal in the care of Honey and go off by herself to the far end of the paddock for an hour or so of respite from a demanding foal. Eventually I bought a pony stallion and Honey and Magpie had foals within a week of each other.

Everything seemed to be going well for Honey who was ecstatically happy with her own lovely foal; then she died suddenly of an aneurism.

This was when I witnessed another act of animal caring and love. Magpie stayed by her dying friend and only when she saw she was dead turned away, but when she did she called Honey’s eight-week-old foal and took it with her. From that moment on she treated it as her own, even suckled it. The vet expressed my feelings when he next visited and saw the trio.

‘That little mare is a bloody marvel. ‘ He said, adding thoughtfully  - .how many humans would do that?’

With our supreme egoism we could say that Honey and Magpie both behaved like humans. I think they behaved like animals.

I am sure many of you must have experienced instance of unselfish behaviour in animals, please share them on the blog.

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