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Posted By Ann

Happy Christmas everyone, animal lovers and the animals you love.

Christmas Cartoon


Because you are animal lovers, and you do love your animals, and know that they too are sentient beings with all the same emotions and feelings as us,

their Christmas should be a happy one. Alas for many it will not. Many will be seen as pieces of merchandise to be given as a present at Christmas only to be abandoned in The New year.


No animal should be given as a 'surprise' gift, the recipient may not want it and/or may not have the slightest idea how to care for it.


However appealing and cute they may be puppies and kittens are babies, not animated soft toys and like all babies they need special care and the right food. Not only will everything be strange and possibly alarming but they have probably been snatched away from their mother and siblings.


Posted By Ann

A recent contributor to this blog makes the point that elderly people should not adopt young kittens who may well outlive them and then face a very uncertain fate. True, but this does not mean that older people have to deprive themselves of the companionship of animals. There are, alas, a great many older dogs and cats out there whose hope of finding a new home is sadly diminished just because they are middle-aged or more. They may well be in need of a home just because they have lost their beloved human friend but they still have a great deal of love to give.


The RSPCA in Victoria runs a program which puts animals whose owners have died in charge of carers. A win/win situation for older animals find homes and older people can take in a cat or a dog without the anxiety of 'what will happen to it if I die' because animals on the program remain the property of the RSPCA who will find another carer for them. No doubt other animal societies about the world have similar programs. If you know of such a program let us know about it.


If you love animals there is no greater gift you can give this Christmas than a home to a dog or cat spending its last few days in what we, as euphemists, call shelters. How can we call them that when thousands of dogs and cats never leave them alive?


If you cannot rescue an animal this Christmas donate to an animal charity and instead of giving a live animal as a Christmas gift consider one of the many books available that portray animals as they truly are, sentient beings, just like us, who hurt and love as we do. As a special Christmas offer you can get THE POWER OF THE CAT for only $20 and a 2 book package, THE POWER OF THE CAT and YOUR TALKING PET for only $30 from between now and the New Year.






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