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More often than not when we read something in the newspaper about pets it is depressing; recently there was some good news in The Herald Sun who reported that twice as many Australians than ten years ago adopt cats and dogs from shelters  and the trend too is for more prepared to take on an adult, even an older animal. Is there a deeper, underlying message in this, more people realise that the family pet is an individual with feelings and needs much like our own.  The cute kitten and playful puppy bought on a whim all too soon loses its baby appeal and becomes a boisterous adolescent but with the older rescue dog or cat you can see exactly what you are getting, moreover it will have been temperament tested had its juvenile shots and be de-sexed.

Contrary to what was once believed older animals bond very quickly with new owners; they seem to know that they have been given a second chance at life and the new owner is rewarded not only with love and devotion but can bask in the comfortable glow that is bestowed by doing a good deed!

The negative side is that by adopting an older animal your time together may be shorter but if quality rather than quantity is important you will not miss out.

Most of us who love animals and who consider themselves to be a spiritual being, or to put it another way, to be a soul inhabiting a body will be prepared to acknowledge the same for our beloved animal friends this should help to ease the pain when they go before us to the next plane of existence. Sometimes, if we are lucky, we will see them in dreams, we may even, as time goes by, feel that they have returned in a new body to share another life with us. How wonderful to think that someone has loved us enough to want to spend another lifetime in our company. I have written about some of these experiences in my books including the latest, THE POWER OF THE CAT. And my novel OUT OF TIME explores reincarnation. Click on the link to

Tabitha was a cat I loved very much, she walked out of the house one day and never came back, a heart-breaking way to lose any animal; my grief was assuaged a little when she appeared to me in a dream telling me not to worry because she was alright. A few years later she came back to me in the form of another cat who shared my life for eighteen years. Tara had barely been in the house an hour before she showed us all that she remembered things she had learned and known before as Tabitha.

If you have met your dear departed in a dream or think they have returned to spend another lifetime with you share your experience with others on the blog.




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