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Posted By Ann

Our beloved animals live such short lives, compared to us, that endings come all too soon. Rudyard Kipling reminded us of this when he wrote:  "Brothers and sisters I bid you beware of giving your heart to a dog to tear."

My dear little Maltese, Tammy, died on Aug. 30th. She was just approaching 16 and had lived with me for 10 years. I had known her for 3 years before that because she belonged to a very good friend of mine. Always loving, always cheerful and at the end of her life, when she went completely blind, very courageous. I felt she was a lesson to me on how to live the best life possible with the deck we are handed when we come into this world.



Animals can teach us so much if we open our hearts and our minds to them and recognise that they are not 'things', not even pets but living creatures who have all the same feelings and emotions we do ourselves. Like us they are trapped in their physical bodies and the circumstances of their lives over which humans have complete power. To assume because of this that they are inferior and have nothing to teach us is quite wrong.

Even their shorter lifespan is a lesson for us in making the most of our time with loved ones while we are together and letting go graciously when the time comes.




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