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I hope you are all enjoying this blog as much as I am – it is really great getting your feedback.

Della Earl is a volunteer at a Sydney Shelter who wrote a wonderful piece for THE BIG ISSUE recently on dogs and cats in shelters, she makes the very good point that they are not second rate, second hand goods but lovely creatures who have ended up there through no fault of their own and given a chance will make wonderful loving companions to owners worthy of them.

I came across a wonderful animal rescue story recently, two animal lovers who set off on a mammoth journey in a caravan pulled by camels rescuing animals in the outback who were the victims of abuse. These included goats, donkeys and camels as well as native animals. Voiceless, the fund for animals, donated $2,000 to them to help establish an animal sanctuary in outback NSW.

Another interesting piece of news is the establishment of a survey of working dogs. Most of us think Kelpie, Collie etc., dogs who work with cattle and sheep, but dogs work for us in many, many ways. Guide Dogs For The Blind, Assistance dogs for the physically handicapped, Police Dogs, Sniffer dogs working with Customs, Rescue dogs who work in disaster areas such a earthquakes. Dogs who help those with impaired hearing and of recent years it has been discovered that many dogs can detect illnesses such as cancer and can warn those who suffer from epilepsy of a seizure.

Zoe, the little dog on the cover of my book, YOUR TALKING PET, was found by my daughter early in the morning in the centre of a city park. So young and small she could not climb the backdoor step of our home. There was no way she could have got herself where she was, obviously someone had dumped her there like so much rubbish. But Zoe grew up to be an amazing little dog who, without any training, took on the job of telling my husband when the phone was ringing after his hearing deteriorated. She could even get the message over to him when he was in the garden. It was Zoe who inspired the following little poem;


I was hungry and you fed me;
Thirsty and you gave me to drink.
Cold and you gave me a blanket;
Lonely and you opened your heart.
Wagging my tail I trotted in
With nothing but my love to give.
Now I am yours and you are mine;
And I think that sometimes you too
See in your dreams the face of One
Who said, “Care for one of these
And you will also care for Me.”


It was inspired by Zoe but is equally applicable to all stray dogs everywhere who are lucky enough to find a person to open their heart to them.

I wonder if anyone ever realised that when they throw away a dog they throw away the most precious gift anyone can receive – the gift of love. We happily prattle about the dog being Man’s best friend – but what about the other way around, Man is not always the dog’s best friend!

Your Talking Pet


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