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Posted By Ann

    Do you think cats are brainy? I do, probably the fact that my cats so often outsmart me makes me  feel they must be very bright indeed.
    Real intelligence I think is shown in the ability to recognise a problem and work out how to solve it.
    I recently saw Lily (cover girl on my book THE POWER OF THE CAT) do just that. I have a walk-in pantry with a sliding door, in the nine years I have lived in this house this has proved no barrier to my cats who quickly sussed out how to open the door so I keep a doorstop handy and wedge it under the door. This effectively  stops it being opened by cat paws or human hands.
     Then one day I found the door open and Lily rummaging among the contents of the flip top rubbish bin, which, of course, she knew how to open. I assumed I had forgotten to put the doorstop in place.
     This was not the first time I had found Lily in the pantry and each time I assumed it was my negligence. I paid particular attention to pushing the doorstop in; I wedged it tight so that  I couldn't open the door myself without moving it. Satisfied I had dealt with the problem I resumed my interrupted chores. Within minutes I heard knocking noises.  Lily, was working at the doorstop with both paws moving it. She then turned her attention to the other end of door, inserted her claws neatly  in the tiny chink, a quick flip and the door was open.   Even though I am well aware that she  is one smart cookie who often seems dedicated to outsmarting me,  I was amazed, she knew the doorstop was the thing that stopped the door opening, even though it was the width of the door from the opening, and understood the first essential was to move it.
    She had identified the problem, worked out how to deal with it and had the physical dexterity in her paws to achieve this. That's what I call brains.


If you have a story that shows how your cat solved a problem share it by putting it on the blog as a comment. Include your name and postal address and we will send a copy of THE POWER OF THE CAT to any we feel demonstrate how truly smart cats are.




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