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Have you ever felt an animal sharing your life  is on a return trip? Does he/she seem to remember things from a previous life? And what about the other animals in your family? Often the are the first to recognise the returning soul and eagerly renew old friendships. Even, unfortunately old enmities!
Merlin was a very much loved and remarkable cat who lived with me for several years. I was heartbroken when he died; we had shared  a very special bond. A year or so after his death I had an inexplicable compulsion to  visit my local shelter.  I did not need, or particularly want, to add to my cat family yet I came away from the shelter a couple of hours later the guardian of a 5 month old kitten who I felt had chosen me. I said Mr. Mistoffelees when asked what name I wanted on his papers.
To my suprise when he joined the household my dogs made no protest at the arrival of a new feline but greeted him politely and deferentially, Tea time came and he marched into the bathroom and waited for tea to be served. This is where I had always fed Merlin. Ten days later  I really began to wonder. Stoffy, as I now called him, was out in the garden with me near the large wire run that housed my Bantam family. He was studying the upright posts; 21 of them in all, 20 metal ones and one wooden one. Then he climbed the wooden one and jumped down into the run. Merlin had always got into the run in this way. For many years I have kept Bantams and cats  and Merlin had been the only cat to get into the run. I had watched Stoffy contemplate the posts before climbing the only climbable one which he did as if he had suddenly remembered how to do  it.  As time went on he exhibited many other habits peculiar to Merlin and developed the same relationship with the other family members, feline and canine. He chose my bed as his rightful  sleeping place selecting the  same place on it where Merlin had always slept and liked to sit in the same place in the lounge. As he developed I could also see he had the same powerful personality.
Do you believe that our animal friends can make the return trip? More – have you a story to tell that seems to point to this? If so please share it by adding a comment to this blog.

Merlin the magician
Merlin The Magician

Magical Mr. Mistoffelees the conjuring cat
The magical Mr. Mistoffelees the conjuring cat




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