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It is interesting to see how ideas and information can spread. One that is gaining credence at the moment is that we do not need an arsenal of different chemicals to keep our homes clean. Two only are needed, white vinegar and bi-carb. Vinegar will clean anything from floors to dishes and bicarb will scour better than anything in a tin you can buy in the supermarket.

But what has this to do with animals? A great deal for those who share our homes to the environment and the rest of the world.


Dogs and cats, just like us can be allergic to certain chemicals and can be made quite sick by them. By cleaning with safer alternatives we make a safer home for them to share with us. But - and here is the big plus - we are apt to overlook or forget entirely that pulling the plug in the sink or pouring stuff down the drain is NOT the end of it. Everything we use in the home eventually goes into the environment, into rivers and drains and at the end of the journey out to sea. This overload of chemicals from our super clean 21st. century homes is a serious health hazard to the animals, birds and reptiles, all the other life forms who call planet Earth home.


We are all very good at sitting back regarding the world around us, tut-tutting in horror and saying, 'But what can I do about it?' and assuming the answer is nothing. Wrong - we can all do something.


Read the labels on cans, jars and bottles, shop ethically. Do not buy products tested on animals or harvested with child labor or containing palm oil produced by destroying the habitat of many species, including orang-utans.


If you want a dog or a cat take one from a shelter, don't impulse buy from pet shops or off the Internet. These are two of the main outlets for the operators of puppy farms, keep your own backyard chooks or if that is impossible make sure you never buy eggs from hens kept in batteries.


If you want to learn more about ethical shopping go to who produce an amazingly comprehensive pocket sized booklet called The Guide To Ethical Supermarket Shopping. Each one of us can make a difference.


This is Lily, glamour puss cover girl of THE POWER OF THE CAT, saved from infant death by Ingrid Arving of INGRID'S HAVEN -, a shelter worthy of the name as it has a no kill policy. Thanks to Ingrid this exquisite little cat never knew her life could have been snuffed out before it began.





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