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    I have been asked to talk about writing about animals at my local library* and this has set me thinking, not so much about writing about them but about animals in general and how much they have meant in my life. They have always been there as I was born into an animal loving family.
    Animals often show more care for us than we do for them. I wonder how many of you saw the remarkable programme HORSES FOR HOPE showing how horses are helping people heal from the trauma of bush fire? In striking contrast was a programme WHERE HAVE ALL THE HORSES GONE about the fate of Irish horses. Insight recently had as their discussion topic Cats, and whether we needed them in Australia. This was very one-sided, focused almost entirely on the damage cats do to our native wildlife. These were feral cats, or cats gone wild in order to survive because their totally irresponsible owners had dumped them in the bush. Cats as healers were ignored. Yet many cats are now living in residential homes where they provide comfort and companionship.
    I am sure I am not alone in being able to recall times in my life when a beautiful soul in the body of a dog, cat, horse or another non-human creature has helped pull me back from the brink. Tiny, this little white cat, was my constant companion through some of the toughest times in my life.




* May 3. 10 a.m.




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