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This is the cover of Tom Lonsdale’s second book advocating a natural, raw diet for dogs. He has long campaigned for better feeding of our carnivorous pets, dogs, cats and ferrets. Better feeding in this Australian veterinarian’s book, means raw.

Having followed his guidelines for many years I agree with him. Raw meat and bones is the natural diet for all carnivores. At least I haven’t met one yet, dog, cat or ferret, that actually cooks its food before having a meal. When it comes to bones the raw is important, cooked bones splinter and can cause internal injury. Raw bones get chewed up and digested and in the chewing clean the teeth and clean teeth means a healthy cat or dog.

Work Wonders - Tom Lonsdale


This is a great little book, very reasonably priced and available from Tom’s earlier book, RAW MEATY BONES is much larger and more in depth but of great interest not only to those concerned with giving their animals a healthy lifestyle but the many of us who care about the health of our fragile planet and are unhappy with the ever expanding tentacles of Big Business in the form of huge international conglomerates squeezing the life out of small business and ultimately out of us all. Nestles and Mars are just two examples. You may ask what this has to do with feeding our cats and dogs, after all most of us know enough n
ot to feed them coffee or chocolate, but how many realise that they are the biggest manufacturers of pet food in the world? Don’t be fooled by the great variety of brands in the pet food aisle of your local supermarket, almost all are owned by these giants and their aim is to make big bucks for the manufacturers and their share-holders, not to make your dog or cat the fittest on the block!

Almost all dogs will joyously embrace a change to a raw and natural diet, cats, notoriously conservative, can be a little more difficult, it may even be necessary to put those delectable raw chicken wings under the grill for a very brief period to fool them into thinking you are cooking them. Cats often have the strangest tastes, I have known cats who have loved oranges, nuts, and tomatoes. If you have a cat with bizarre taste buds tell us about it.

Thank you Ingrid for the wonderful comment on hens you put on the March blog. It was good to hear from someone who shares my love for these endearing, and very useful, creatures. Please – everyone – continue campaigning for a better and fairer deal for them. And continue to add your comments to the blog – it is your input that makes it interesting and lively.




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