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I was hungry and you fed me;
Thirsty and you gave me to drink.
Cold and you gave me a blanket;
Lonely and you opened your heart.
Wagging my tail I trotted in
With nothing but my love to give.
Now I am yours and you are mine;
And I think that sometimes you too
See in your dreams the face of One
Who said, “Care for one of these
And you will also care for Me.”
Ann Walker.


There is never a time of year when stray dogs are not with us but the time between Christmas and Easter is when they abound.  The cute Christmas pup has grown into a gangly adolescent, people are back at work, children back at school, the novelty of having a dog has worn off, if it hasn't had training during the school holidays it is unlikely to get it now; full of energy, lonely and bored it gets into mischief; it is surrendered to the nearest animal shelter, given away or simply lost. If it is very lucky it may find a loving home or it may just become a statistic; one of the many thousand dogs born each year who will not reach maturity.

If you are looking for a four-legged family member now is a good time  for shelters everywhere are packed to capacity with young healthy dogs just past that cute baby stage..
I have just finished reading one of the loveliest dog books I have ever come across; THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF DOGS by CANDIDA BAKER. It is a collection of short pieces about real dogs, The heroes, and the not so good ones, not too many of the latter, the strays and the people they find, it is a testimony to friendship and love and a wonderful glimpse of what makes a dog tick. Published in 2010 by Allen & Unwin. A great gift for a dog loving friend or someone with their first dog. But be sure to read it first yourself!

If you have a story to hearten and uplift about stray dog making good share it others who read this blog.


This Henry, my much loved friend and companion, his early life is a closed book, I met him when he was behind bars in a Shelter, he was something between one and two years old and had actually been adopted and returned. Why I cannot understand for he is one of the nicest dogs one could ever wish to meet.





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