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Posted By Ann

So many people sent healing thoughts to  Solomon when he was hospitalized recently for three days and nights with snake bite  I thought you might like to know something about this cat you helped save.

Seven years ago I moved from a semi rural home to suburbia with my cat family which then  included Merlin, a lovely young adult male and Tara my much loved Siamese well into her teens.

She was getting quite  fraught because Merlin, normally the kindest of cats, teased her by hiding round corners and jumping out on her. He never actually touched her physically, just rattled her equilibrium. I realized that  he was bored. Used to freedom he was now confined to a suburban house and small outdoor area  accessed by the bathroom window. He needed a companion. I went to the local RSPCA Shelter in search of a young adult male.

I walked round the enclosure housing the adult cats and each time I passed a cardboard box on a shelf with a dozing,  blue cat inside  felt a pull.. He made no advance to me yet I knew he was for me and informed the attendant I would like him.

"A good choice."  She approved, and  told me as much as she knew of his history.


He had been in the shelter a month and had been sent there from VETS ALL NATURAL in  Castlemaine where he had been for 3 months. Taken there as a stray they de-sexed him, sure they would find a home for such a lovely  cat. Three  months later he was still there and they sent him up to Bendigo to the RSPCA.

Because he was already de-sexed and innoculated I could have him immediately. Within three days he and Merlin were the best of buddies, eating, sleeping and playing together and Tara was left in peace. I had indeed made a good choice. He has always got on well with the  dogs and is sweet and gentle with people; his  weakness  is a  fetish for rolled paper! Paper towels which have to be kept in the linen cupboard which he can't open, if he can get at these or a toilet roll  he will unravel an entire roll and spread it about the house. I wonder was this the reason such an exceptionally nice natured  cat was  homeless?

He is now the kind and  benevolent Alpha of my feline family. About the only person, human, canine or feline, accorded deference and respect by Lily, fiesty cover girl on  my book THE POWER OF THE CAT. He has a favorite chair and a look stops in their tracks any other cat who  thinks they might like to sit there and  removes any that he finds installed there. He never has to resort to paw to paw combat or  vocalize.

He lives up to his name, Solomon, a wise ruler, He is the cat in my arms on the About Ann page.  He is a very special and much loved cat and I am deeply grateful to all the wonderful  people  who sent him good wishes and healing thoughts in his recent brush with death.




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